My mission, my why: Expanding freedom through extraordinary businesses! THAT is what gets me out of bed and into the office every day. That’s what inspires me.

To do that, we try and make business help available…a little or a lot, as desired or required…through our site, programs, BlogTalk Radio show, etc.

So, here’s a program I am excited to be involved with. Great info. Rockin’ good coaches. Easy price point. Click here to learn more…

It’s called the Passport to Business Freedom. Woohooo! I am one of the coaches, and I am honored to be in this crowd of successful, savvy, fun women! Natalie Sisson has rounded us all up. She is committed to business building from wherever you are. Right now, Natalie is in Buenos Aires. Cool! She’s and kicking off this program 1.1.2011 to get the new year launched right (and profiatably!) Here’s how Natalie describes the program

“Imagine you’re cruising at 30,000 feet towards an exotic destination. You’re pampered by the first-class stewards who know you’re someone important. You’re relaxed as you indulge in a captivating novel or laugh at the latest romantic comedy.

“And you’re confident in the exciting lifestyle that awaits you. Life is good! Luxury high-flying aside, this story is real for those creative women entrepreneurs who have crafted their own business empires. They’re “flying high” with a career of their own making. They’re relaxed because they have a command on life.

“And they’re motivated onwards because they’re making a real difference in the world. In fact they’re soaring with personal freedom! This lifestyle may be a bit foreign to you now. And obtaining it won’t be easy. But you know it’s possible. You know it’s within your grasp.”

Yeah! I’m helping with Profitable Business Planning. Stacy Karacostas is sharing strategies for kicking your website into gear. Elena Verlee shares how to get a STORM of publicity. Carol Roth knows how to get investment capital to go go grow. And LOTS more! Check it out. I am happy to expand your freedom.

Thanks, Natalie, for the opportunity!

xo$, Ellen